1Why should I consider anti-slip treatment for my slippery floors?
85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors (Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets 5th edition) Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause for visits to the ER (over 8 million) Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of all accidental deaths in homes each year
2Does anti-slip treatment change the look of my floors?
There are various treatments available for a wide selection of surfaces. Most treatments will have minimal to no change in the appearance of your floors.
3How long before I can walk on the floor?
Most treatments require no drying time and floors can be walked on immediately following the anti-slip treatment.
4Is there a warranty?
Most treatments come with a 2 year warranty that includes semi-annual inspections.
5Is special maintenance required?
Many floors do not need any special treatment to maintain slip resistance. Environments such as commercial kitchens require products which eliminate grease and prevent buildup which could reduce the slip resistance.
6Will having anti-slip treatment on my floors affect my insurance rate?
You should notify your insurance agent regarding the anti-slip treatment on your floors to determine the impact.
7How can I determine if my floor is treatable?
Contact us today for a FREE floor evaluation.
8What services do you offer?
We offer safety surveys and services that address the problem of slip-and-fall accidents in your home or business. We can test your floors to find out if they meet the minimum ADA Guidelines. If they do not, we cn bring them into compliance.
9If my floors do not meet standards, how can you improve them?
We have specially formulated products that can be applied to you floors that will increase slip-resistance. The application is inexpensive and will not harm your floors.
10What types of floors do you treat?
We can treat all stone tiles, including ceramic, slate, granite and marble or any slippery surface. We treat quarry tiles in commercial kitchens.
11What about cleaning after the treatment?
You can use any cleaner on your tiles following treatment, including degreasers.
12How much does the treatment cost?
The cost will vary depending on type of floor and the square footage. I will be able to answer all pricing questions when I meet with with you and see your floors.
13Can you provide me with a cost estimate?
Every floor is different, so evaluating your specific floor is necessary before providing a price estimate.